A Friendly Twitter App.

Download Twittle 0.5 beta (Windows only) | User Manual


What is This?

Twittle is an application to let you use your Twitter account from your desktop. Using Twittle, you can follow what your friends are doing and even update them on your latest status yourself, all without ever opening your browser. Twittle also allows you to share images and links by integrating with services like TwitPic and

Can I Run This on OS X / Ubuntu / FreeBSD / etc.?

Yes and no. Twittle is a cross-platform application, but it needs to be built on all the systems to be useful to you. It still takes a bit of time to actually make it work for each new platform. Fortunately, it's been tested on OS X, so if I get enough feedback, a release will be in the works.

Installation Notes

Important note for Windows users: Please make sure you have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package before installing Twittle. It's a small (2.6mb) free download from Microsoft.

Currently the beta comes with no installer, just an exe file. That's all you need to run the program. Put the executable somewhere safe and run it! More information about where Twittle stores its data can be found in the manual.

Bug Reports & Feature Suggestions

Send your bugs to lsegal AT soen . ca. You can send your feature suggestions to this address as well.