Syntax Highlighting, Check.

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Download mEdit 0.2.1 Beta


What is This?

The mIRC Script Editor has always been a beast of sheer simplicity. This add-on enables the mIRC Script Editor to be a super-beast of sheer simplicity by adding Syntax Highlighting capabilities; and it's all packaged in a tiny little DLL.

Beta? I Don't Speak Greek!

This is just a beta release, meaning the functionality is very very very basic. If you want to see where this project is going, feel free to download, play, and help test it out to make it more robust in the future. Right now there are pretty much no options. All it does is highlight your scripts. You can't even choose the colours! More functionality will be coming in future versions, be patient. If you have something to suggest see the bottom of this page for contact info, but keep in mind I am looking into:

And here are some things that probably won't make it into a release in the near future, even though I know people will ask me (so don't):

Installation Notes

This release only works with mIRC 6.31+. Don't even try to use it with anything else. I must also emphasize the beta-ness of this release. It is barely tested, it may-- no, it will break. How? I'm not sure; that's the fun part. I highly doubt anything crazy like a computer format would occur, but you might want to backup your scripts just in case. This does mess with the way the script editor works, after all.

To install, drop the .dll file into any directory you want and load it by typing (in any window in mIRC):

/dll C:\PATH\TO\medit.dll Load

If you want to load this everytime you start mIRC, add the following scripts to your Remotes (Alt-R)

on *:START:/dll C:\PATH\TO\medit.dll Load

PS. You don't need the C:\PATH\TO part if you put it directly in the mIRC directory (this may mean the Application Data directory in a fresh install).

Bug Reports & Feature Suggestions

There will be bugs, I expect many of them to be with parsing many edge cases. If you run into an issue where your code does not highlight correctly, please send the smallest chunk of code that reproduces the issue. No screenshots, no full scripts, just a small snippet that I can paste into the editor and see what went wrong. Send your bugs to clb AT soen . ca - you can send your feature suggestions to this address as well.